5 Day Adventure Itinerary

Adventure Plus! 5 Days of non stop activities. Looking for summer vacation ideas? Discover Valdez in 5 Days with non stop Adventures! #DiscoverValdez Photo credits throughout this itinerary are: Alaska Photography Co., Stan Stephens Glacier & Wildlife Cruises, Lu-Lu Belle Glacier Wildlife Cruises, VS Helicopters, Valdez Outfitters, Pangaea Adventures, Valdez Museum & Historical Archives, Maxine…

Valdez,AK – waiting to be explored

“Life’s too short to put off seeing the world” Year after year had gone by and the stories of all the snow and terrain Alaska had to offer only built up. It was time to check it out and experience it for myself.

The Mountains are Everything to Valdez

Look up, to the Chugach Mountains. Pure beauty. These wild, spectacular, glaciated mountains surround the town and  Prince William Sound.  They frame and shelter it and give it character. One can, stare at the mountains and the breathtaking views all day, for it still amazes all who visit and live in Valdez on how something so…

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Inside are all the amazing things to see and do here in Valdez Alaska. Tours & Attractions, Fishing, Winter Adventures, History and the businesses who can assist you in your travel plans to Valdez, Alaska.

Scuba Diving Valdez, Alaska

Divers who visit  will witness annual animal migrations only seen in a specific part of Alaska that include massive Moon Jellyfish blooms

Valdez, Alaska – Flips The Snow Switch!

Valdez and the surrounding Chugach Mountains creates a perfect landscape for heli-skiing, back-country skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, big fat snow bike riding and ice climbing.

Road Trip!

Ever have a burning desire to visit Alaska? Or dreaming of fishing the waters of Alaska? The sights, the beauty, and the wildlife, the abundance of fishing opportunities – putting Valdez on your bucket list will ease that burning and if you are lucky, you can even win prizes for catching the heaviest fish by…

Valdez – Bed & Breakfasts – It’s Social.

Here are a few tips, and you can book directly with the Hosts below. Go ahead and plan your Alaskan adventure – get Social! Part of the appeal of staying in a B&B, is the warm, personalized service you get from the property owners, and the mingling among guests who stay there. As in life, communication and…

Alaska’s Adventure Corridor

Drive: Proclaimed as one of “America’s Most Scenic Roads” and known to Alaskans as the “Adventure Corridor,”

Valdez – The Land of Waterfalls

Main Image: Bridal Veil Falls in Keystone Canyon.  PC: Sean Taylor. For all you thrill seekers looking for waterfalls, Valdez, Alaska has some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the world. With more than 27 feet of average snow fall during the winter, Valdez becomes The Land of Waterfalls when the snow melts in the…

Valdez – a mecca for wildlife!

Main Image Brown Bear: PC Bob Benda Wildlife is abundant in Valdez and the surrounding area. Both black and brown bears live here and are frequently seen wandering about or eating their fill of fish and berries. Black Bear.  PC: Alaska Photography Co. Eagles, terns, ptarmigan, puffins and many other birds are observable too. The…