Valdez – a mecca for wildlife!

Main Image Brown Bear: PC Bob Benda

Wildlife is abundant in Valdez and the surrounding area. Both black and brown bears live here and are frequently seen wandering about or eating their fill of fish and berries.

Black Bear peak a boo by Alaska Photography Co..jpg

Black Bear.  PC: Alaska Photography Co.

Eagles, terns, ptarmigan, puffins and many other birds are observable too. The Prince William Sound is full of wildlife and natural beauty.

Seals, sea lions and sea otters are commonly seen here.

sea-otter-and-babySea Otter. PC: Creative Commons

Brown Bears. PC: Alaska Photography Co.brown-bear-cub-green-grass-edited-alaska-photo-co-see-if-works-on-front-cover

Dall porpoise, puffins, Humpback and Orca whales are also frequently spotted in the area.

George Keeney (1).jpg

Orca Whale in Prince William Sound. PC: George Keeney.


American Bald Eagle. PC: Ed Pinsky.

Pack your camera and your binoculars and come visit Valdez and see all the amazing wildlife for yourself.

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