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Here are a few tips, and you can book directly with the Hosts below. Go ahead and plan your Alaskan adventure – get Social!

Part of the appeal of staying in a B&B, is the warm, personalized service you get from the property owners, and the mingling among guests who stay there.

As in life, communication and courtesy is the key. Depending on the property, one could be staying in a private home, sharing common rooms and even dining with fellow travelers from far off distant lands.  So, hospitality goes both ways.

We asked some of our Valdez owners for advice on basic B&B etiquette. If it’s your first time at a B&B, the following simple tips will help you have a smooth, relaxing stay. Here’s everything you need to know about being the best guest ever.


Living Room, House on the Rock Bnb  (open year round) PC: House on the Rock Bnb.

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What are some things that guests should tell hosts in advance?

Many B&Bs offer services and amenities specially tailored to the needs of individual guests. But because policies can vary from one to the other, it’s crucial to communicate your needs and expectations before your stay.

Tell your hosts about any dietary restrictions, food allergies, room preferences, and special requests you might have. If you have physical limitations, ask if your room is handicap-accessible. When traveling with kids, make sure your B&B is child-friendly. You may want to disclose your arrival and departure times too.


Views from front room of The Timber House Bnb. (open Summer only) PC: Sheri Beck.

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Do I have to eat breakfast with other guests?

Part of the adventure with breakfast conversation is to see what happens with the combination of guests. Have fun getting to know your fellow travelers—you never know what you might learn. it probably would be a good idea of staying away from religion and politics as early-morning conversation topics with strangers.

A bit of breakfast hobnobbing is a great opportunity to discover more about your destination, too. We recommend using the morning meal as a means for gleaning travel advice. Ask guests what they’ve seen and done in the area, and share your own experiences. You could gain valuable firsthand guidance on the best way to explore your destination.

A  breakfast shared with fellow travelers is a much-loved perk of the B&B experience. It may seem like breakfast is a must—after all, it’s usually included in the price of your stay—but the reality is a lot more flexible. If  you’d like to skip breakfast and sleep until noon (a wonderful idea), go for it. It’s your vacation, and your hosts understand that.

vhs tsaina.jpg

Tsaina Lodge. (open Summer & Winter)  PC Valdez Heli-Ski Guides & Tsaina Lodge.

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What if I’m late for check-in?

Flights get delayed, so many distractions from the beauty of Alaska that you had to stop to soak it all in. Your Hosts are well aware of the uncertainties of travel. It’s okay if you’re late for check-in, but the important thing is to touch base with your hosts when there’s a change in plans.

Before you leave, make sure you have the contact information for your B&B. Save your hosts’ phone number and email address on your phone and keep a hard copy of these details in your carry-on bag (just in case your phone battery dies).


A Place on Coho Bnb Rose A Bedroom. (open year round)  PC: A Place on Coho Bnb.

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May I bring my pet?

Each B&B has its own rules about pets. Some are perfect for them, while others are strictly humans-only. If you’re traveling with a four-footed companion or two, ask your Host about its pet policy before you book.


Robe Lake Lodge. (open year round)  PC: Robe Lake Lodge.

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May I ask my hosts for trip-planning advice or ideas on what to see in the area?

One of the best B&B benefits is the personalized travel advice on offer from extremely knowledgeable Hosts.  Few people know their home base better than B&B owners, and they can provide an insider’s know-how combined with years of experience helping travelers explore their surroundings.


L & L’s Bed & Breakfast. (open year round)  PC: L & L’s Bed & Breakfast.

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Many B&B’s offer brochures, books, and other helpful resources for guests. Some have fully stocked libraries with guidebooks and maps galore. Most of Valdez B&B’s offer advice on sightseeing,  tours,  hiking trails, where to eat, whale watching, fishing spots.


Downtown B&B Inn. (open year round) PC: Downtown B&B Inn.

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Now that you have a few tips, go ahead and plan your Alaskan adventure – get Social!

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