Scuba Diving Valdez, Alaska

Alaska’s most extreme adventures above and below the waterline gives you the chance to see temperate rain forests, mountainous coastlines, 10,000 year old glaciers and a wide array of wildlife! Guests get the best opportunities to witness all the wonders at the world’s best dive site in Prince William Sound, Valdez Alaska.

Dive Alaska Waters from Boone Hodgin on Vimeo. Images supplied by Ravencroft Lodge.

Most people would not believe what beauty lies below Alaska’s waterline. Diver’s who visit Prince William Sound are pleasantly surprised at the life they find while on a dive expedition. See what other vibrantly colored invertebrates and marine life can be found in this underwater aquatic zoo.

Divers who visitĀ  will witness annual animal migrations only seen in a specific part of Alaska that include massive Moon Jellyfish blooms that only occur during a short period of time during the summer months. These unique adventures are guided and availableĀ  in Alaska’s beautiful landscape that surround Valdez, Alaska.

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