Explore Valdez Glaciers

Explore Valdez Glaciers

Imagine being near the face of calving glaciers, watching huge chunks of ice fall into the ocean as the rumbling crack of breaking ice fills the air. Whether you book a glacier cruise; take a helicopter flight-seeing tour; kayak/canoe or hike – Valdez has so many accessible, breathtaking glaciers to explore. Some of the main glaciers include:

Columbia Glacier (pictured below) is the second largest tidewater glacier in North America, and the largest in Prince William Sound.

Columbia Glacier 2 VCVB Stock
Columbia Glacier. PC: ValdezAlaska.org

Meares Glacier (pictured below) is very unique. While most glaciers throughout the world are retreating. Meares Glacier is one of the only advancing tidewater glaciers in North America.

Meares Glacier
Meares Glacier. PC: Howard Stoddart

Shoup Glacier (pictured below) is tucked away in Shoup Bay and is accessible by boat, kayak, and helicopter or on foot.

Camping in Solice at Shoup Glacier, Photo by Howard Stoddard (2)
Camping in Solice at Shoup Glacier, Photo by Howard Stoddard

Valdez Glacier (pictured below) is located on the outskirts of Valdez and is full of amazing history. Known as the All American Route, gold seekers traveled over the glacier into the interior of Alaska during the Gold Rush of 1898.

IMG_5033 (2)
Valdez Glacier by Anadyr Adventures

Worthington Glacier (pictured below) is one of the most accessible glaciers in Alaska. Located in Thompson Pass, just off the Richardson Highway, this glacier is a must-see if you are driving in or out of Valdez. Watch for the turnout area to the glacier, park your vehicle, and then walk up to the glacier for an up-close experience.

Wonder of Worthington Glacier by Gary Minish
Wonder of Worthington Glacier by Gary Minish