The Mountains are Everything to Valdez.

Look up, to the Chugach Mountains. Pure beauty. These wild, spectacular, glaciated mountains surround the town and  Prince William Sound.  They frame and shelter it and give it character.

One can, stare at the mountains and the breathtaking views all day, for it still amazes all who visit and live in Valdez on how something so beautiful could naturally exist.

The soaring heights of the majestic Chugach, the abundant amount of trees tall and short, and the visual flow of the rocks, waterfalls and flowers creates such a beautiful picture during the summer time that is worth a spot on your life bucket list.

Even when snow falls, Valdez has an incredible variety of terrain for skiing; snowboarding; ice climbing; back-country adventures at your fingertips, with most areas heavily glaciated, plus more steep mountain faces, large powder bowls, longer couloirs and everything in between you won’t find anywhere else in North America.

Valdez, being a small rural community, and easily accessible to everyone, makes the perfect life bucket list item. Whether you land in Anchorage; drive to Valdez (rent a car or Motorhome), or fly directly from Anchorage into Valdez, you immediately experience the spectacular Chugach wonders.

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